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Hostal La Torre: Reinventing The Original Spirit Of Ibiza

Hostal La Torre


Year Round Boutique Hotel, Restaurant and Music Venue


The Guardian “harks back to the original, hippy Balearic combination: good tunes and a killer sunset.”


DJ Harvey “There’s something really special here, in the air, in the freedom, in the rebellion.”


Cosmopolitan “laid-back and lovely.”


Resident Advisor “Peeks into a different Ibiza, a magical island full of exotic flora and fauna.”


For hundreds of years Ibiza has drawn people in search of hedonism. Perhaps the only island capable of coining its own style of music, the third largest Balearic isle has undergone major changes in the past few decades. Some good. Some bad. But Balearic has retained its original spirit, representing not only a sound but a way of living and Hostal La Torre is at the heart of its renaissance.


At La Torre you will discover music that you can’t find elsewhere in Ibiza. It is Balearic as it was in the years when characters like Grace Jones and George Michael fell in love with the 220 square mile radius island and changed the face of it forever. It is taking Balearic back to what it meant then; originality; radicalism; and freedom.  


Set on the edge of a cliff in Cap Negret, just north of San Antonio on Ibiza’s West coast, those that discover La Torre find themselves suspended in time. Arguably the best place on the island to witness the sunset, those that make the journey to La Torre are rewarded with an innovative, surprising and downright genius soundtrack that is a consistently enriching and memorable experience.


Beginning its journey in 2015, La Torre now counts DJ Harvey as part of their extended musical family. Residents include key figures in Ibiza’s current Balearic movement - Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding - who mixed the first edition of La Torre’s compilation series together in 2016, later named Resident Advisor’s #5 mix of the year.


Ibiza has become synonymous with four short summer months of late nights and hazy memories, but La Torre is helping to change that. Unlike other venues on the island, La Torre is open every day of the year and doubles as a 17 room boutique hotel and restaurant serving from breakfast through to dinner. On an island whose population grows 100 fold from winter to summer, that’s a rare and wonderful thing. Rotating residents play on Thursday to Sundays throughout the winter, with the roaring fires the only difference when taking in La Torre’s unparalleled vista.


No matter the time of year, stepping into La Torre produces its own mystical feeling, inspiring a sense of nostalgia for what first attracted people to the island. So it’s no wonder that La Torre finds itself at the centre of an authentic revival to reinvent the timeless spirit of Ibiza.



Cap Negret 25

San Antonio, Islas Baleares 07820

T: +34 971 342 271

E: [email protected]


Website: www.latorreibiza.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HostalLaTorreIbiza/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/latorreibiza (@latorreibiza)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/latorreibiza (@latorreibiza)

Menus: http://www.latorreibiza.com/en/food-menu (for up to date menu). PDF in Dropbox with all menus.


Hotel and Restaurant open year-round.

Open 8AM – Midnight daily. Free entry.

Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails.

Resident DJs play Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (daily from May 2016)


Room rates from:

Junior Suite from 117€

Standard Double Room from 82€

(Add breakfast +10€pp)


Hostal La Torre Recordings

Website: www.hostallatorrerecordings.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hostallatorrerecordings/

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/hostallatorrerecordings

La Torre Numero Uno Compilation sampler: https://soundcloud.com/hostallatorrerecordings/la-torre-vol-1-mini-mix