Derail The Reptile Revolution EP

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Culprit goes down Route 66 with the intensely original and inescapably beautiful release by Montreal’s coolest young export – Clarian. “Derail The Reptile Revolution” puts the “extended” back in the EP, with 5 songs of fresh ideas, unique delivery and offbeat humor.


A mini-album in all but a name, this collection is, possibly, the most cohesive artistic statement yet on the LA imprint. Likewise, the EP sums up Clarian’s six years of musical development, seeing the artist in full creative flight.


The five songs, each with distinct personality, are inspired by California desert mirages, neon Hollywood glow and faded sunsets over the Pacific. Neo-Future meets vivid Retro Analogue dreams…David Lynch’s “Dune” with the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson fully present.


Cosmic post-disco joins slow-burn techno, adorned with bits of New Wave, futuristic acid house and layers of celestial melodies that make for one-of-a-kind journey through space and time.


Clarian came into collective electronic music consciousness in 2010-11 with the Footprintz band project that burned fast like a comet but never faded away. Since then Clarian’s musings have found home on Visionquest, Rumors and Kompakt. It is now Culprit’s turn in the evolution of this exciting artist.

Disc 1
Surfer Moon
Acid Moon
Derail The Reptile Revolution
Cosmic Microwave

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