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Me Me Me
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Elliot Adamson

Elliot Adamson knows how good he is, which is equally as daunting as it is impressive. I’ve known him since he was the eager beaver Barman at a place I’d play regularly in my hometown, who used to try and stick his demos under my nose, and now he seems poised for world domination with a who's who of the worlds biggest DJs singing his praises.


I’m so pleased I listened to those demos when I did. Elliot has a startling breadth and depth of taste for someone of such tender years (although to be honest, people only mention other peoples youth when they feel like they’re getting old themselves).


The EP Elliot has provided for Me Me Me covers a range of vibes which can be traced through mid 90s house, millennial techno and that current and contemporary feel that we’re all still struggling to name adequately.


Elliot is a real talent and I couldn’t be happier to provide a platform for what I feel is his most esoteric work to date, and a worthy showcase of his real capabilities. Man Power​​​


Disc 1
Meeting House
Alphabet Song
Je Suis

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