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Various Artists
One Records 010 Part 2

Following the solid deep groove of One Records 10 Part One, the next instalment sees the label showcasing more classic sounds fused with the modern edge of their growing family of underground talent. 

Far from the average loop based house that is often churned out, the second part of this various artists release from the One Records crew features five distinguished tracks that display impeccable production skills, embodying that raw, old school Chicago vibe, with a modern twist. On this release we see the combination of super hot established producers with thrilling fresh talents, who all offer their first contributions to the One Records discography.

You can’t mistake the sensational sound of Ahmet Sisman, which incorporates epic movement and pace destined for the dance floor with dark percussions and serious bass. ‘Falling down’ is the next to come from this advanced producer and represents the Sisman sound perfectly. Dramatic, eerie synths add to this exhilarating ride of solid electronic groove.

Frenchman Chris Carrier’s ‘Spaceshaft’ truly gives us a dose of Chicago house. Think of a spaced out, psychedelic, garage-esque, modern Adonis track and you’ve a good idea of what this sounds like! The spacey breakdowns take this track far from the norm into new dimensions and the subtle vocals riding in the track are a skillful touch, which make it really special.

The artists coming out of Barcelona are causing quite a stir at the moment with Sishi Rosch, Diego Moreno and Jaun Crerar being amongst those riding at the forefront. Their track certainly is a ‘Club Thang’, qualifying as an essential piece of heavy-duty DJ weaponry. It is perfect for a deep and dirty vibe on the dance floor, guaranteed to lock house heads in an intergalactic trance of super solid groove.

Peter JD’s warm and atmospheric sounds in ‘Blue Heart’ are sure to swarm your senses and engulf you in pool of super deep seduction. Ascending high-pitched keys roll over the warmer strings and synths, which inject an intoxicating feeling of elevation.

Pharaohs Journey’ is a sand swept ride from the dark depths and into the light, exploring soulful vocals and keys with silky smooth strings that juxtapose well with the darker, clubbier tracks. London based Defn aka Nicholas Harrison retains the old school vibe of the EP with his offering of classic uplifting house.






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